Valinor Park Marietta Gone to a Forever Home.

We are very proud to offer VP Marietta for sale. VP Marietta is the first Barabas/Adras cross, and is only offered because we can repeat the breeding. She is bred to perform and excel either in Endurance or Racing, and her pedigree is saturated with successful racehorses. Both Barabas and Adras progeny are continuing to make their mark in endurance, with a son of Barabas winning at WEG in 2009,as well as other successful performers in Australia and winners in the UAE and Europe. The Adras progeny are now beginning to make their mark overseas, now competing in their 2nd season in UAE and Europe. VP Marietta has a 3/4 brother, VP Madrass, who has commenced his endurance career in 2016, with 2 successful rides out of 2 attempts, great heart rates and carrying 104kgs. Like her 3/4 brother, Marietta has low resting heart rates, and outstanding, light, ground covering movement. VP Marietta's details are as follows:

Breeding: Adras UK (Adres Ru x Arina Pol) x VP Marah (Barabas NL x Wimsey Matilda [Milex] - Predominantly Russian and Polish bloodlines.
DOB: 15/8/12
Reg. No. 32177
CA clear
Height at maturity - 15.2